Thetis IMS



A product is a generic description of something that you purchase, sell and stock.



You must provide either a product group id or a product group name.



Unique identification of this product across subscribers and territories.

id Long Read only

Context id

Unique identification of the context within which this product was created.

contextId Long Context


Unique identification of this product within this context.

productNumber String Unique Not Blank Length 1 to 36 Pattern [^\t^\n^\x0B^\f^\r]*


The name of this product.

productName String Not Blank Length 1 to 255


Unit used by the system in its description of the trade items containing this product.

productUnit ProductUnit


Indicates which season this product was introduced to or intended for.

season String Length 0 to 255

Product line

Indicates the product line that this product is a part of.

productLine String Length 0 to 255


Indicates the brand for which this product is sold.

brand String Length 0 to 255


Describes the product design.

design String Length 0 to 255

HS Code

Code within the 'Harmonized System' - see

See also

harmonizedSystemCode String Length 0 to 20

Import/Export text

Text to use for this product when importing or exporting.

importExportText String Length 0 to 255


List of ingredients in this product.

ingredients String


Instructions for use for this product.

instructions String

Dangerous goods number

Identitification of the goods in terms of the UN standard.

dangerousGoodsNumber String Pattern \d{4}

Hazardous packing group

Packing group determines which other products this product can mix with.

hazardousPackingGroup HazardousPackingGroup

Product group name

The name of the product group to which this product belongs.

productGroupName String Not Null ProductGroup

Inventory date use

Specifies what date the system will use as inventory for inventory of this item.

inventorySortDateMapping InventorySortDateMapping Not Null

Batch number required

Specifies whether to enter batch numbers for copies of trade items containing this product when packed. Batch number must be indicated upon receipt.

batchNumberRequired Boolean Not Null

Expiry date required

Specifies whether to indicate expiration date for copies of trade items containing this product when packed. Expiry date must be stated upon receipt.

expirationDateRequired Boolean Not Null

Count from

Quantity from which it is better to count instead of scanning each individual specimen of items containing this product.

countRequiredMin Long

Serial number

Indicates whether to supply serial number when packing items containing this product.

serialNumberRequired Boolean Not Null

Product group id

Unique identification of the product group the product belongs to.

productGroupId Long Not Null ProductGroup

Active substances

List of active substance contained in this product.

activeSubstances List ActiveSubstanceInProduct

Customs information

Country specific customs information for this product.

customsInformation List ProductCustomsInformation



hazards List ProductHazard

Data document

JSON document containing further information about this product.

dataDocument String JSON


Product number

Only show products whose number matches the entered.

productNumberMatch String

Product Name

Show only products whose name matches the entered expression.

productNameMatch String

Product group

Only show products that belong to a product group whose name matches this term.

productGroupNameMatch String


Only show products belonging to this season.

seasonMatch String


Only show products belonging to this brand.

brandMatch String

Active substance

Show only products that contain this active substance.

activeSubstanceNameMatch String

Only selected groups

Show only products from the selected groups.

onlyChosenProductGroups Boolean

Selected groups

Only products from these groups are shown, if you have chosen only to show from selected groups.

chosenProductGroups Set

Context key (product number)

Only show the product with this number.

contextLocalKey String