Trade item


A trade item is a description of a specific object that you purchase, sell and stock. A trade item contains a given quantity of a given product. Trade items containing the same product may contain different variants of the product.



You must supply either the id or the number of a product.



The brand's unique identification across subscriptions and territories.

id Long Read only


The trade items unique identification within the context. This number is encoded in the item's barcode.

globalTradeItemNumber String Length 0 to 36


Number as this variant of the product is stored below.

stockKeepingUnit String Unique Not Blank Length 1 to 36


Description of this trade item as a variant of the product.

productVariantKey ProductVariantKey

Qty contained

Quantity of the product contained in one piece of the trade item. The quantity is specified in the unit that is applicable to the product.

numUnitsContained Long Min 1


The circumscribed dimensions of one piece of the trade item. All measures are in meters.

dimensions Dimensions


Net weight of one piece of the trade item stated in kilograms.

weight BigDecimal Min 0.000 Max 999999.999


Volume of one piece of merchandise indicated in liters.

volume BigDecimal Min 0.000 Max 999999.999

Product number

The number of the product that this trade item contains.

productNumber String Product

Product ID

Unique identification of the product contained in this trade item.

productId Long Product

Product name

The name of the product that this trade item contains.

productName String Read only

Product group

Name of the product group that the product contained in this trade item belongs to.

productGroupName String Read only

Product unit

Unit used for measuring the product contained in this trade item.

productUnit ProductUnit Read only

Unit of purchase

The multiple in which the item must be ordered by the supplier.

unitOfPurchase Long

Std. cost price

Cost price used in standard pricing.

standardCostPrice BigDecimal Min 0.000000 Max 999999.999999

Avg. stock

The average inventory - calculated as an exponentially moving average over the past year.

rmaNumItemsOnStock Long Read only

Sellable stock yesterday

Inventory at the end of the day.

numItemsOnStockEndYesterday Long Read only

Qty sold last week

Number of sales last week.

numItemsSoldLastWeek Long Read only


Estimated sales per week of this item.

estimatedNumItemsSoldPerWeek Long

Avg. sold qty per week

Average sales per week - calculated as an exponentially moving average over the past 13 weeks.

rmaNumItemsSoldPerWeek Long Read only

Reorder level

Indicates the stock level to trigger a reorder of the item.

reorderLevel Long Min 1 Max 9999999

Replenish level

Specifies the stock level to trigger a replenishment of the item's picking location.

replenishLevel Long Min 1 Max 9999999

Desired service level

Indicates the likelihood that the item is in stock at any given time.

desiredServiceLevel BigDecimal Min 0.00 Max 1.00

Re-order to level

Specifies the level to be reordered.

orderUpToLevel Long Min 1

Reorder qty

Specifies the number to be ordered by the product when the item is re-ordered.

numItemsToOrder Long Min 1 Max 9999999

Leadtime in days

The number of days from rebooking at the supplier until the goods arrive at the warehouse.

leadTimeInDays Integer Min 0 Max 3650

Excess delivery limit

The percentage allowed for the supplier to hand over with.

overdeliveryTolerance BigDecimal Min 0.00 Max 100.00

Suppliers item no.

The number the supplier uses to identify this item.

suppliersItemNumber String

Business item no.

The number agreed for this item within the business.

businessItemNumber String



locationId Long Location

Pick location

The number of the location to which this item is to be picked.

locationNumber String Location

Supplier number

The number of the default supplier of this trade item.

supplierNumber String Supplier

Category Name

The name of the product category that this product belongs to.

itemCategoryName String ItemCategory

Est. sales weeks

Number of weeks that the current inventory reaches for average sales.

estimatedSalesWeeks Integer Read only

Sellable stock

The current inventory of this item with status 'Salgbar'

numItemsSaleable Long Read only

Total qty

The total qty on stock across all statuses.

numItems Long Read only

Qty posted

Quantity posted and hence included in the inventory value.

numItemsPosted Long Read only

Stock value

Value of the lots currently in hand.

value BigDecimal Read only

Pickable stock

The current marketable inventory of this item at the picking location.

numItemsPickable Long Read only

Qty non-drawn

The amount of the item that is packed but not drawn in any inventory.

numItemsNotDrawn Long Read only

Qty reserved

Number of items from the current inventory reserved.

numItemsReserved Long Read only

Qty available

The number available for sale. That is, the number in stock minus the amount already sold.

numItemsAvailable Long Read only

Qty expected

The number of items that have been ordered from suppliers but not yet received.

numItemsExpected Long Read only


Specifies whether the item is stocked.

stocked Boolean Not Null


Specifies whether the item is active. It is possible to make goods inactive if there is no stock on them.

active Boolean Not Null

Delivery order

The order in which this trade item is to be shipped in.

deliveryOrder DeliveryOrder Not Null

Pick from

Specifies where to pick this item.

pickFrom PickFrom Not Null

Allow non-drawn

Allow delivery of items that are not in stock.

allowNotDrawnInstances Boolean Not Null

Pick from zone

The name of the zone to which this item is to be picked in.

zoneName String Zone

Zone id

Unique identification of the zone that the picking location of this trade item belongs to.

zoneId Long Zone

Ordering allowed

Specifies whether rebooking of this item is allowed.

reorderingAllowed Boolean Not Null

Old at (days)

When are lots containing this trade item considered old?

oldWhenAgeInDaysExceeds Integer

HS Code

Harmonized system code of the product contained in this trade item.

harmonizedSystemCode String Read only

Context id

Unique identification of the area within which this trade item is created.

contextId Long Context

Bundle components

List of other items that forms part of this item by bundling.

bundleComponents List BundleComponent

Buffer Locations

Patterns that designate the reserve locations that may be used for storing this product.

bufferLocationPatterns List BufferLocationPattern

Included items

List of items that are always included with this item.

includedItems List IncludedItem

Logistic variants

Variants of this item that is only distinguished by the number of item contained.

logisticVariants List LogisticVariant


Season of the product contained in this trade item.

season String Read only

Product line

Product line of the product contained in this trade item.

productLine String Read only


Brand of the product contained in this trade item.

brand String Read only


Design of the product contained in this trade item.

design String Read only

Data document

JSON document containing additional information about this trade item.

dataDocument String JSON



Expressions like the SKU of the item should match to the item passing the filter.

stockKeepingUnitMatch String

Picking Location

Show only trade items with a pick location that matches this term.

locationNumberMatch String

Product number

Show only trade items containing a product whose number matches this term.

productNumberMatch String

Product name

Show only trade items containing a product whose name matches this term.

productNameMatch String

Product group name

Show only trade items of product groups that match this term.

productGroupNameMatch String


Show only trade items with a barcode that matches this term.

globalTradeItemNumberMatch String


Show only trade items with a description that matches this term.

descriptionMatch String


Show only trade items with a color that matches this expression.

colorMatch String


Show only trade items with a size that matches this term.

sizeMatch String


Show only trade items made of a material that matches this term.

materialMatch String

Packaging type

Show only trade items with a package type that matches this term.

packagingTypeMatch String

Max. sales week

Show only trade items with a stock that does not exceed this number of weeks.

maxEstimatedSalesWeeks Integer

Inventories below average

Show only trade items with a stock below the average inventory.

onlyStockLevelBelowAverage Boolean

Only rebooking required

Show only trade items that requires rebooking.

onlyDueForReordering Boolean

Supplier number

Search terms that the merchant of the trade items should match.

supplierNumberMatch String

Min. inventory

Show only trade items where the marketable inventory is greater than this value.

minNumItemsSaleable Long

Max. inventory

Show only items where there is no more than this number of sellable back in stock.

maxNumItemsSaleable Long

Only missing

Show only items where the reserved quantity exceeds the saleable quantity.

onlyMissing Boolean

Suppliers item no.

Expressions as the supplier's item number must match for the item to pass the filter.

suppliersItemNumberMatch String

Product categories

Search terms such as the name of the item's category must match.

itemCategoryNameMatch String

Only ordering Allowed

Only show the items that are allowed to reorder.

onlyReorderingAllowed Boolean

Only with non-drawn

Only show items with non-drawn items.

onlyHasNotDrawnItems Boolean

Only active

Show only active items.

onlyActive Boolean

Only selected prod.grp

Show only selected product groups.

onlyChosenProductGroups Boolean

Hazard Class

Show only items whose hazard class matches this term.

hazardClassMatch String


Expressions like the product season must match.

seasonMatch String


Expressions like the product brand must match.

brandMatch String

Only more locomotive.

Only show trade items that is in two or more locations.

onlyMoreThanOneLocation Boolean


Show only items that were ordered on this deliverance.

inboundShipmentNumberMatch String

Business item no.

Only show trade items with a business item number matching this expression.

businessItemNumberMatch String

Selected prod.grp

Show only trade items from these product groups.

chosenProductGroups Set