Thetis IMS


Suppliers of goods to the warehouse.




Unique identification of this provider across subscribers and territories.

id Long Read only

Area id

Unique identification of the area within which this supplier is created.

contextId Long Context

Supplier number

Unique identification of this provider in this area.

supplierNumber String Unique Not Blank Pattern [^\t^\n^\x0B^\f^\r]* Length 1 to 36


Supplier's mailing address.

address Address

Contact person

Contact person at the supplier.

contactPerson ContactPerson

currency code

Currency code used for new deliveries from this supplier.

defaultCurrencyCode CurrencyCode

Lead time

The time it typically takes to get goods home from this provider.

defaultLeadTimeInDays Integer

Default incoterms

The incoterms that usually applies when ordering from this supplier.

defaultIncoterms Incoterms

Data document

JSON document containing additional information about this supplier.

dataDocument String JSON


Supplier number

Show only those providers whose number matches this term.

supplierNumberMatch String


Show only those providers where a part of the address matches this term.

addressMatch String