Thetis IMS

Shipping container


A shipping container covers one container (pallet, box) sent from the warehouse.



You must supply either an id or a number of a container type.



Unique identification of this package across subscribers and contexts.

id Long Read only

Context id

Unique identification of the context within which the shipping container is created.

contextId Long Context

Container type id

Unique identification of the type of the shipping container.

containerTypeId Long Not Null ContainerType


The name of the container type that this shipping container is built over.

containerTypeName String Not Null ContainerType

Track and trace

Unique identification of the shipping cointainer assigned by the carrier. This number can be used to track the package in the freight forwarders system.

trackingNumber String

Tracking URL

URL to visit to track shipping container.

trackingUrl String


SSCC code that identifies this shipping container globally.

See also

serialShippingContainerCode String

Time created

Time of shipping container creation.

timeCreated Date Format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' Read only


The total weight of the shipping container with content. The value of this field overrides the default calculation based on net and tare weight.

weight BigDecimal Min 0.001 Max 999999.999 Integer 6, Fraction 3

Gross weight

The total weight of the shipping container with content.

grossWeight BigDecimal

Tare weight

Shipping container weight without contents.

tareWeight BigDecimal Read only

Load capacity

The maximum weight contained in this shipping container.

loadCapacity BigDecimal Read only

Net weight

The total weight of the content of the container.

netWeight BigDecimal Read only

Inner volume

Shipping containers inner volume.

innerVolume BigDecimal Read only

Outer volume

Shipping containers outer volume.

outerVolume BigDecimal Read only


Shipping container dimensions. All measures are in meters.

dimensions Dimensions Read only

Num items

The number of item instances packed in this shipping container.

numGlobalTradeItemInstances Long Read only


Carrier that this shipping container is or will be consigned to.

carrierName String Read only

Carriers shipment no.

Number assigned to this shipment by the carrier.

carriersShipmentNumber String Read only

Shipment No.

Number of the shipment that this shipping container forms part of.

shipmentNumber String Shipment

Shipment id

Unique identification of the shipment that this shipping container belongs to.

shipmentId Long Shipment


The structure that forms the platform for this shipping container (like for instance a pallet).

platformType ContainerPlatformType Read only


Tracking number

Only show shipping containers with tracking numbers matching this expression.

trackingNumberMatch String

Customer number

Only show shipping containers that form part of a shipment for a customer with a number that matches this expression.

customerNumberMatch String

Not consigned

Show only shipping containers that have not yet been consigned to the carrier.

onlyNoConsignmentNote Boolean


Only show shipping containers for the carrier with this name.

carrierName String


Only show shipping containers created within this time interval.

createdWithinCommonTimeInterval CommonTimeInterval