Item lot


A stock covers a number of items received collectively and located in the same location with the same status.



You must provide either an id or a SKU for a trade item.



Unique identification of this inventory across all subscribers and territories.

id Long Read only

Area id

Unique identification of the area in which this item lot is created.

contextId Long Context

Time created

The time of creation of this inventory.

timeCreated Date Format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' Read only

Last count

The time of the last count of this inventory.

timeLastStockTaking Date Format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' Read only

Units each

Number of units of product included in each item in this inventory.

numUnitsContainedEach Long

Units remaining

Number of units of product left in this inventory.

numUnitsRemaining Long Read only

Cost price

The cost of the goods included in this inventory.

costPrice BigDecimal Read only

Qty remaining

Number of items not yet sold or moved to another inventory.

numItemsRemaining Long Read only

Qty. posted

Number of items posted to the item ledger.

numItemsPosted Long Read only


Number that allows to trace this inventory back to the supplier.

trackingNumber String Length 0 to 250

Batch number

Identification of the batch that these goods are produced as part of.

batchNumber String Length 0 to 250

Serial number

Unique identification of this particular inventory.

serialNumber String Length 0 to 250


SSCC of the container in which the items were delivered.

serialShippingContainerCode String Length 0 to 250

Variant Code

Specifies what variation the items in this inventory are.

variantCode Integer

Expiration date

Date of expiry of the product and therefore no longer applicable.

expirationDate Date Format yyyy-MM-dd

Best before

Date indicating when the item should be used.

bestBeforeDate Date Format yyyy-MM-dd

Time placed

Time when inventory is set at the current location.

timePlacedAtCurrentLocation Date Format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' Read only

Last movement

Time of last movement of goods in or out of this inventory.

timeLastMovement Date Format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' Read only


Specifies inventory status.

lotStatus GlobalTradeItemLotStatus

Inventory date

Date used to sort inventory - for example, in the case of product withdrawals.

inventorySortDate Date Format yyyy-MM-dd


The number of the location at which the inventory is located right now.

locationNumber String Location


Name of the zone where this item lot is currently placed.

zoneName String Read only

Zone id

Unique identification of the zone where this item lot is currently placed.

zoneId Long Read only


Position within location of this item lot.

position Integer


Barcode for the trade item contained in this lot.

globalTradeItemNumber String Length 0 to 36


SKU for the item as this is a stock of.

stockKeepingUnit String GlobalTradeItem


The value of the goods remaining in stock from this inventory.

value BigDecimal Read only

Trade item ID

Unique identification of the trade item contained in this lot.

globalTradeItemId Long GlobalTradeItem

Location id

Unique identification of the location on which this inventory is located.

locationId Long Location



productId Long Read only Location

Product number

Number of the product contained in this item lot.

productNumber String Read only

Product name

Name of the product contained in this item lot.

productName String Read only



productUnit ProductUnit Read only

Split from

Points back to the inventory from which this inventory is formed.

parentLotId Long Read only GlobalTradeItemLot


Age of this lot in days.

ageInDays Integer Read only

Weight each

The weight of each copy included in this inventory.

weightEach BigDecimal Min 0.000 Max 999999.999

Volume each

Quantity for the individual copies of the item included in this inventory.

volumeEach BigDecimal Min 0.000 Max 999999.999


Properties that identifies the trade item of this lot as a variant of the product.

productVariantKey ProductVariantKey Read only



Barcode of the trade item for which the system will display lots.

globalTradeItemNumber String


Show only inventory of items with a SKU that matches this term.

stockKeepingUnitMatch String

product number

Expressions that the product number must match to display the inventory.

productNumberMatch String

Product name

Show only lots of items containing products with a name matching this expression.

productNameMatch String


Search terms as numbered at the location where the inventory is located must match to appear.

locationNumberMatch String

Tracking number

Show only inventory whose tracking number matches this term.

trackingNumberMatch String

Storage date before

Only show stocks that have inventory date before this date.

inventorySortDateBefore Date

Only current

Show only inventories that have not yet been split or sold in full.

onlyRemaining Boolean

Only value

Show only item lots with a value.

onlyValue Boolean

Days since last count

Show only trade item that is not counted within this number of days.

minDaysSinceLastStockTaking Integer

Only count required

Show only the trade items that need to be taken stock of.

onlyDueForStockTaking Boolean

Max number left

Show only inventories where there is less than this amount left.

maxNumItemsRemaining Long

Max number posted

Show only lots where there is less than this amount posted.

maxNumItemsPosted Long


Show only inventories with this status.

lotStatus GlobalTradeItemLotStatus

batch number

Show only inventory where batch number matches this term.

batchNumberMatch String

Days to expiry

Show only stocks that expire within this number of days.

daysToExpirationDate Integer

Days to the best before

Show only inventories that can not last more than this number of days.

daysToBestBeforeDate Integer

Only non-pluckable

Show only inventories that are not in the pick-up location of the item.

onlyNotPickable Boolean


Vis kun beholdninger af varer fra varekategorier hvis navn matcher dette udtryk.

itemCategoryNameMatch String

Only old

Show only old lots.

onlyOld Boolean


Show only lots of items with a size that matches this expression.

sizeMatch String