Thetis IMS

Return shipment

A return shipment is made up of items returned at the same time by a given customer.



You must supply either an id or a number of a customer. It is not possible to have more than 1000 lines on a return shipment.



Unique identification of the return shipment across subscriptions and areas.

id Long Read only


Unique identification of this return shipment within the area.

returnShipmentNumber String Unique Pattern [^\t^\n^\x0B^\f^\r]* Length 1 to 36

Receipt id

Unique identification of the receipt made after the reception of the items.

returnReceiptId Long Read only Document

Receipt number

The number of the receipt created after receiving the items.

returnReceiptNumber Long Read only

Return receipt time

Time of the creation of the receipt for this return shipment.

returnReceiptTimeCreated Date Format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' Read only


Notes related to this return shipment.

notes String


The time of creation of this return receipt.

timeCreated Date Format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' Read only



currencyCode CurrencyCode



currencyExchangeRate BigDecimal Max 999999.999999 Min 0.000001

Customer no.

The number of the customer who returned the items.

customerNumber String Customer

Customer address

Adress of the customer returning items.

customerAddress Address Read only

Customer id

Unique identification of the customer returning the items.

customerId Long Customer

Shipment id

Unique identification of the shipment that the returned items were part.

shipmentId Long Shipment


Number of the shipment that these items were originally included in.

shipmentNumber String Shipment

Area id

Unique identification of the area this return shipment is created in.

contextId Long Context

Return lines

Lines describing the items that are or will be returned.

returnShipmentLines List ReturnShipmentLine

Data document

JSON document containing additional information about this return shipment.

dataDocument String JSON


Indicates that this return shipment is on-hold and not yet ready to be received.

onHold Boolean


Indicates that this return shipment was cancelled and never will be received.

cancelled Boolean



An expression that the number of the return shipment must match.

returnShipmentNumberMatch String


Et udtryk som kundens nummer skal matche.

customerNumberMatch String

Only without receipt

Only show return shipments for which no receipt has yet been issued.

onlyNoReturnReceipt Boolean