Thetis IMS


Reservation of items for shipments. One reservation may be for many shipments.



You must provide either an id or a SKU for a trade item. You must provide either an id or a number of a location.



Unique identification of this reservation

id Long Read only

Time made

Time of creation of this reservation.

timeMade Date Format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' Read only

Sellers ref.

Sellers reference to this reservation. Could for instance be the identification of the corresponding pre-order line.

sellersReference String Read only

Send from

Earliest date of shipment of the items that are reserved here.

shippingStartDate Date Format yyyy-MM-dd

Qty. reserved

The amount reserved.

numItemsReserved Long Not Null

Number of drawn

The amount drawn from the warehouse on shipment lines related to this reservation.

numItemsDrawn Long Read only


A text describing this reservation.

text String

Trade item id

Unique identification of the trade item that this reservation regards.

globalTradeItemId Long GlobalTradeItem


SKU for the item that is reserved.

stockKeepingUnit String GlobalTradeItem

Area id

Unique identification of the area within which this reservation is made.

contextId Long Context

Product No.

The number of the product that this price applies to.

productNumber String Read only

Product name

The name of the product that this price applies to.

productName String Read only



numItemsAvailable Long Read only


Reservation priority

reservationPriority Integer

Shipment lines

Shipment lines

numShipmentLines Long Read only

Saleschannel id

Unique identification of the sales channel that has made this reservation.

sellerId Long Seller

Sales channel

The number of the sales channel that made this reservation.

sellerNumber String Seller


Variant of the trade item that this reservation relates to.

productVariantKey ProductVariantKey Read only


GTIN of the trade item that this line relates to.

globalTradeItemNumber String Read only

Quantity each

Quantity of the product contained in each instance of the trade item this line relates to.

numUnitsContained Long Read only


Unit used for the product contained in the trade item that this reservation relates to.

productUnit ProductUnit Read only



Only show reservations of items if SKU matches this term.

stockKeepingUnitMatch String


Only show reservations where the text matches this term.

textMatch String

Only open


onlyOpen Boolean

Only bundles

Only show reservations of bundled items.

onlyBundles Boolean

Only missing

Show only reservations that items are not available for.

onlyNotAvailable Boolean

Only no lines

Show only reservations that are not attached to any shipment lines.

onlyNoShipmentLines Boolean

Shipment number

Show only reservations related to a shipment with a number that matches this expression.

shipmentNumberMatch String