Thetis IMS

Sales Channel


Description of a sales channel. For example, it may be one of several web shops.




Unique identification of this sales channel across contexts and subscriptions.

id Long Read only

Context id

Unique identification of the context in which the sales channel is created.

contextId Long Context


Unique identification of this sales channel within this context.

sellerNumber String Unique Not Blank Pattern [^\t^\n^\x0B^\f^\r]* Length 1 to 36


The address on the sales channel. The address will be used as sender address on the delivery slip.

address Address

Contact person

Contact information to the responsible person of the sales channel.

contactPerson ContactPerson

VAT Number

The VAT number of the legal entity responsible for this sales channel.

vatNumber String


The global location number of this sales channel.

globalLocationNumber String Pattern \d{13}

Reservation setup

Controls how reservations are handled for shipments created from this saleschannel.

reservationSetup ReservationSetup

Data document

Document containing data used by external applications in JSON format.

dataDocument String JSON


Sales channel

Only show sales channels with a number that matches this expression.

sellerNumberMatch String