Thetis IMS



A user of the system.




Unique identification of this user across subscriptions.

id Long Read only

Subscriber id

Unique identification of the subscription that the user belongs to.

subscriberId Long Subscriber


User initials. The initials identify the user uniquely within the subscription.

initials String Not Blank Length 1 to 36

Language code

Language code indicated in two letters as described in ISO 639-1. The language code controls all texts in screens.

languageCode LanguageCode Not Null

Country code

Country code indicated in two letters as described in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2. The country code governs, among other things, the formatting of dates and comma.

countryCode CountryCode Not Null

Warehousing only

Is this user only allowed to do warehousing? If checked all commercial information will be hidden to this user.

warehousingOnly Boolean Not Null

Time zone

Time zone in which the user is located. All times in screens and reports are displayed relative to this time zone.

timeZone String Not Null


Indicates whether this user has administrator privileges.

administrator Boolean Not Null

Context filter

User has only access to context whose name matches this expression.

contextNameFilter String


User's email address.

email String Email Not Null

Password token

A token that gives this user access to choose a new password.

resetPasswordToken String

Data document

Document containing data used by external applications in JSON format.

dataDocument String JSON